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  • I’ve got my home page, my blog, and two other pages. The two other pages are there for webcomics to be published to, but I’m having trouble finding a simple solution.

    I want a plugin or code that’ll allow me to display a webcomic on each page. So if I click “Page 1”, it’ll show the user “Webcomic 1”, and if I click “Page 2”, it’ll show “Webcomic 2”, both with full navigation to browse through the comics on that page.

    All of the existent webcomic solutions, as far as I can tell, force you to have the webcomic on the front page, above the blog posts, and I don’t want that since I have more than one, and the webcomics have nothing to do with the posts.

    Is there a way to do this? I don’t even need a fancy solutions. A way to display pictures placed in a certain directory, with buttons available to navigate through them, with the latest image showed first, would work fine.


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  • Yeah you could totally do that. If you make each web comic a category and put a custom query on the pages for that category it would work that way.

    You could also build out custom post types for each web comic and then put the query for that post type on the pages as well. Either way it’s going to take some coding.

    This was the solution I originally tried (Categories for the comics, applying a template to each page to display posts from those categories), but every time I even ATTEMPT to use new templates, or change ANYTHING to do with the code, something goes wrong.

    I don’t think PHP is my calling in life.

    Not sure what to say then if the code is beyond you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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