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  • I have a blog as the main page of my website, but would like to add a second blog to a sub-page of the same website. Is this possible to do? Do I need a separate wordpress account for the second blog or can I do it all within the same dashboard? I’ll be the author of the second blog as well, it’s just on a different topic and I wanted them to be separate.


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  • It is certainly possible. You would just need a second WP install. Create a directory for it, copy the files, and install it as you normally would.

    I do not believe they can share the same dashboard though. They _can_ share the same physical database, if you use different table prefixes.

    To keep things simple though, I would just recommend using two separate databases as well.

    Thanks. That’s sort of what I figured. Too bad about the separate dashboards, it’d be nice to have it all in one place.

    Can you just make a new categories for you new blog? Just use another template for your new categories (blog).

    Hi Venustang,
    How does that work? Can I make the separate page show only posts from that category? Can I keep posts with that category from showing up on my main blog then?

    I’m a relative beginner here with building a website. The basics of wordpress I understand, but as soon as it involves anything more I need to be walked through.


    Yes… you can make another separate page only show post from one or maybe more categories. If you don’t want that categories post show up on the front page. You can exclude that category posts. Can you tell me more about your new blog and the structure of your site? So I can provide a better solution.


    I have a month-old site: with the top level an Impressions Web template. At the second level, I have a wordpress blog: I am experimenting with a second blog that is not yet identified in the menu: The second blog was created by a new installation of wordpress at that folder then copying .php and .css
    pages from the first blog. My goal is to have several blogs under the umbrella,
    each serving different purposes, and each with the "look-and-feel" of the
    umbrella site.

    FINALLY, my questions:

    Is there an easier way to do this than the way I created the second blog. Could
    I create a template blog and cut/paste it into the other folders? I tried a
    simple cut and paste of "blog" into a new folder and it didn't work, probably
    because I didn't change any paths (I didn't see any to change).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of any documentation that
    already addresses this challenge?  

    Boyd Carter
    [email moderated]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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