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  • My webhost (westhost) offers WordPress, so you can (and I did) have the site install the program, where it is an a folder called “wordpress” in the root directory of the site. This is much easier than doing it myself.
    But I would like to add a second blog. And I would like either to have both blogs’ urls in the root, or I would like each to have a separate URL which is root/name-of-blog/ I don’t actually want either in the wordpress directory.
    I tried following the manual’s instructions to set up the blog at a different URL, but whatever I did gave me the page in plain html with no CSS coding. When I tried to go back, some file I didn’t know I’d changed was looking for the log-in in a directory I’d deleted, and I couldn’t get into the admin panel at all. I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole program (fortunately it’s a new blog, so I had little to lose).
    Can anyone talk me through this? Many thanks.

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  • If you are not installing WordPress by setting database connection variables ( name/user/password ), uploading WordPress to the server and running install.php, it woul be hard to help you.

    You are using an installation script offered by your host, and I guess you’d have to put questions to the host’s support.

    However, if you have a user account and you can log in to your MySQL and create an empty database and a user for that, the installation of WordPress in your root or any sub directory ( eg. ) is simple and stright forward.

    As a bonus, you’ll have full control of what goes on.

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