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    Hey everyone,
    I’m brand new to this.. I run a few sites, but have had other people do the developing (I basically do the writing). I’m wanting to do things on my own, now, or at least try. I have my own hosting plan set up through dreamhost. That being said, I do some affiliate sites, and I have had a developer create a cloaking page for me. What I want to know how to do, is how I can copy this page he created (when I go to the Appearance>Editor, it’s a .php page on the right side) and utilize it in my other sites. I don’t know how to add a .php page to themes. I’ve read that you have to do it through your host, and I did download Filezilla, successfully logged in, yet there’s no “wp-content” folder in existence there (and this is for a site that is up and running using wordpress, hosted on dream host).

    I feel like this isn’t clearly put, but my thoughts aren’t clear at all. To put it like someone who has no idea what they’re talking about (which I don’t-so bear with me and try to think like a newbie)… how can I get another “page” full of code into that right hand area once you get into the editor on wordpress.

    Also, I am using “responsive” theme, and want to edit the basic rule for the font colors. Anyone know how I’d go about that? I run another site where I was easily able to figure out how to do it, but the coding on this one is a bit different. That may be too broad a question to be able to be answered. If so, understandable.

    Really appreciate any help you guys and girls have to offer.

    Sorry for being ridiculous.

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  • I’m not sure what you’re asking in the first section. You want to take a .php page from appearance>editor and make a .php page into another website with that code?

    There should be a wp-content somewhere, try to browse around. What folders do you see when you login to your ftp?

    You can change the main color of the fonts in your style.css in your child-theme at body { if there’s not a lot of different font-colors chosen for that theme, because then you need to change all of them for it to take effect.

    I’m still having an issue with this. When I log into my FTP, there’s basically nothing there. It has a folder with the name of my site, and it only includes two files (both entitled “favicon”). I use dream host. I am really unfamiliar with anything having to do with FTP. Is there any way a new .php page can be added to a theme without logging into your hosting and going into their FTP? I know this may sound completely ridiculous…. Really appreciate any and all help.



    Font hero

    This cloaking page you talked about, is it just a page to redirect to affiliate site ? or is it a whole page with content in it ?

    You should ask the developer who made that page for you, how that page is built.

    None of your questions makes sense to me at all. Even you could get to the theme file, you wouldn’t know what to do anyway, you would risk making errors in PHP and you could take your site down easily.

    It’s a redirect page. My developer is not reliable and told me that to direct me to my wp-content folders, she would have to create a guide that would take her houuurs.

    If could get to the theme file, I would know what to do, actually. I know HTML, I just don’t know how to use dreamhost properly. Thanks for your friendly support! Some people do start from scratch (I’m sure you didn’t just become a master at this, innately) and I did make that clear from the beginning. No need to respond if your only point is to, in so many words, tell a person that they’re unintelligent.

    Thank you for the help midorian, my developer associated my FTP with the wrong account, which is why the information wasn’t in there. I have it figured out now.

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