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    Hi all

    I need to add a credit card payment method embedded to the checkout page, bank gave me a code to put in the check out page;
    Can some one tell me which file is the checkout page and where is it located and can I just put this straight there or I need to do more?
    Copy and paste the code snippet below directly into your web page, in the location where you want the hosted payment form to display.
    Change the value of the data-sc-key attribute to your own Hosted Payments Public API Key

    <script type=”text/javascript”
    <iframe name=”my-hosted-form”
    data-name=”Jasmine Green Tea”
    data-description=”Smooth tea with a rich jasmine bouquet”

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    Hi there,

    There’s no single file to edit and you’d need to create you own custom payment gateway plugin. The reason for this is that adding the iframe alone is only part of the equation, there will need to be additional code to specify what happens when a payment is successful, when a payment is declined, logging etc.

    You could look at the following starter guides:

    In all honesty though, it would be easier to check with your bank on whether they have a dedicated WooCommerce integration/plugin available already rather than just provided you with iFrame code.

    Alternatively, you could also use a payment gateway like Stripe that transfers funds to your bank account automatically AND have a full developed WooCommerce plugin already.

    Thank you kindly for quick respond!
    Bank is already provided us with a plugin and it works but there is problem, when customers try to pay a pop up window opens and asks for credit cards detail. I am getting many transactions incomplete and it says pending Payment then gets canceled because the customer doesn’t finish the payment!
    I was thinking it might be because it is pop up window and may be some customers have disabled the pop up Windows so that is why I am getting many incomplete transactions with card payments.
    I talked to the bank and they told me that the plug in can be set up two different way, it is hosted plugin but it can be with Modal or Embed, so they recommended me to do the embed one so it opens in the same window without pop up!
    So I was wondering if I can do it!
    Any way is there a single check out page at all, and would it work, considering I already have their plugin and it is active and working in Modal (pop up) format!

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    Hi @mitchelly,

    For assistance with the third party payment plugin, you’re using you would have to contact the developers of that plugin directly.

    This particular forum is for questions which are directly related to the features and functionality of the free WooCommerce plugin. It does not, however, offer support for questions related to any third-party developed plugins or themes which can work with WooCommerce.

    Thank you for the information, however I only mainly wanted to know where the checkout file is and what is called so I can put the iFrame code there! I think the rest is already done because I am already using their active plugin! Just want to change the way displayed.

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