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  • Anybody have recommendations adding a payment gate to a Word Press site?

    Would like to take electronic banking and credit cards.

    If it matters, I’m running the Twenty Thirteen theme.

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  • is my first choice.

    Yeah, can do PayPal easily enough, thanks. But was wondering about options on other payment forms.

    You will have to ask each one what they handle. It’s all individual. Some forms and e-commerce systems handle some gateways, others handle others. Without knowing who you’re going to be working through for your payments it’s completely guess work. When you do know who you’re going to work through, then you can go seraching for a plugin that can handle that particular method.

    Using a company call PayU and they recommended for wordpress websites WooCommerce.

    I have on web designer knowledge and this is my first website that I am handling and the plugin was amazing, easy to use and understand and will allow a lot of additions to is.

    The only issue I am having is that it added a “Shop” page to my site and now the footer in that page (only that page) is mis-aligned and I cant seem to move it to the center again and on the same page it hasn’t given me a content box, all my items are put onto the background image…

    Can anyone help with these problems?

    @zigwolf sorry for using your post to post my issues 🙂

    heres a link to the page that has the problems… if it helps… 🙂

    If you don’t want a shop, there’s no point uisng WooCommerce. That’s just way ot much overhead for what should be a simple payment gateway. If you do need a shop, then use it as a shop.

    If there’s no pre-built WordPress plugins that handle PayU then you might have to build one yourself. They should have a public API that you can use to work off, so give it a go.

    @ catacaustic
    Thanks for the reply and help. The only issue with your response is how do I do that, the WooCommerce plugin was recommended by PayU and that’s how I found out about it. The other issue is that I need the “Shop” page on the site as we sell the magazine to the public so we cant take it off…

    I was hoping there was some way of editing the page so I can add in a content box and change the footer settings

    please see the website and you’ll see what I am talking about, the shop page is the only concern at this moment.

    Hi PrishanL

    i check your site, and the only explanation is:
    there is some </div> closing tag floating around on your code maybe in one of the widgets in the footer or the sidebar or after the content i remember having the same problem and it was because i was using the wrong template on the shop page, try changeing the page to a full width template and see if it fix it.

    @@Zigwolf sorry for using your post to post my issues 🙂

    So why did you not start a new thread? It’s quite rude to hijack another person’s thread.

    Further, if you need help with WooCommerce, you should be asking on their forum:

    I see you already posted there – so this is a duplicate thread and those are not allowed here.

    IF it’s a an issue with the theme you are using, you should be asking the developer of your theme:

    Commercial themes are not supported on these forums.

    @digitalhydra Thanks for the assistance, How would I locate the actual coding for the footer or page, (If thats possible)

    I have already tried to change the page to full width and other sizes but still the same issue.

    @ WPyogi As a moderator you a extremely rude, people come onto the forums to post issues they have with their website, hence me being in this one… If I type in the search bar and this forum comes up then how is this my fault??? as well as the fact that there are more then one posts tells you how urgent this matter is and just how quick I want to resolve this issue as this is a BUSINESS WEBSITE and reflects on the business as a whole and is a primarily Point Of Sale to my clients so forgive me if I want to resolve this issue as quick as possible…

    @prishanl – I’d suggest you read the forum guidelines – in particular:

    Unless you are using the same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme & configurations as the original poster, do not post in someone else’s thread. Start your own topic.

    AND this section:

    @zigwolf – so sorry your thread got taken over this way. Please do open a new thread if you need additional help with your question.

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