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  • This is most likely a noob question, but I’ve gone through the codex and I’m not understanding it.

    I’m working on my first plug-in and have had success getting an options page up and running. However, for the sake of cosmetics, I would like to split the options into two page. The second page just needs to be linked to the first (main) option page.

    I could create a brand new option page for it, but I don’t want to have two entries under the ‘Settings’ tab on the left bar.

    I’m hoping to either:
    (a) Add a second entry under the settings tab that only shows when the first one is visited, thus more or less solving the cosmetic issue, or
    (b) Create a “hidden” option page that is only accessible through a hyperlink on the main options page. This one is preferable, since it will mainly be a one-time set-up kind of deal. However, I would also need to know how to link it there . . . just a plain link to the page (i.e., “options-general.php?page=mysecondpage”) or a way to go through WP interface with it?

    Sorry for the newb question, I’m just baffled by the codex entries on submenus and Google isn’t turning up much 🙂


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