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  • I am very new to word press and need some help. I created a products category and want to add a new product. I am trying to add a link to a URL, but I after I publish the link the URL doesn’t work. I am in Visual as opposed to HTML. Would anyone have an idea how I can fix this so the URL works? Thanks.

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  • Since your new to WordPress, I will not yell at you for calling it “word press”.

    Make sure you have the right URL. In order to insert a link, select the test you want to be a link, then click the button that looks like a single link of chain (Alt+Shift+A). A window should appear and ask to to insert/edit the link. When you paste in the url or write it make sure it’s the same as the of the page you want it to point to, i.e. no http:// At this point don’t worry about the title, class, or target, and click insert. The visual editor should make the link blue with an underline, but it will not work when clicked because it’s only for show. Then Preview the post and click on the link or check it after you’ve published the post, then link will work when not inset the editor and actually on the web page.

    If something is still wrong with it, please post back here with the URL of the post with the link in question. It’s hard to say what the real problem is, since I only have limited information about it. What URL did you want the link to point to and what URL did it take you to, or did the link not appear?

    Thanks for not yelling at me and responding so quickly. Inserting the link worked, the only thing is that I have to click on the “read more” button to see the link. I’m not sure how to fix this.

    Here is the link to my website so you can see. Under the products category you will see Prograde Nutrition products you will need to click on read more to see the link.

    That problem is due to your theme using the_excerpt instead of the_content on the homepage. Authors who post a lot often want the homepage to have a summary of each post. If you don’t want this you may be able to find an option to switch it within your theme. If there isn’t an option you will have to edit the index.php file and find it within your theme folder, which is in /wp-content/themes/. Within that file you will see a lot of PHP and HTML, you will have to look for or use the find feature to locate the phrase the_excerpt and replace it with the_content.

    As an example, in WordPress 3.0, the TwentyTen theme has this line in the loop.php file and is on line 70:

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

    Is the theme folder in theme options? I’m confused, I don’t know where to find the theme folder.

    Some themes have an Options page under Appearance.

    The other options is to edit the file manually. There is a theme editor under Appearances > Editor, but you might not have the right permissions to edit the files. If you have the right file permissions, then you have to change the file currently being edited to Main Index Template (index.php). Otherwise you have to use FTP or whatever option your host provides for editing files, in which case you have to browse in a couple of folders to your active theme’s folder.

    Yes, I do have the the theme editor under Appearances. I opened the file for Main Index template (index.php). I’m not sure if I can edit the files, I do see a lot of php, but I can’t locate the phrase the_excerpt. I will have to look in a couple of other folders, maybe I’m in the wrong spot. I’m a bit concerned about editing things and possibly messing up my files, is this possible?

    I think the best thing for me to do now is to place a summary of the product on the home page. I’ll try and figure out the theme things. Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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