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  • I am trying to add a photograph and a link on the home page for our church. The Very Special Event shown on center bottom of the home page — — is where I’m trying to show a photo of Jason Gray and I would like to use his name as a link to his home page. I’m sure this has been asked a hundred times but I have searched and can’t find anything. What I do find, I don’t understand. I’m very new to web design so, I also need to know where any code you can offer is suppose to go. Thanks in advance.

    Don Loftus
    Gainesville, FL

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  • Well I did manage to add some color to the text so I can highlight certain words, that’s neat, but I still can’t get the photo onto the home page. I uploaded it to the “Media” holding area and tried using some code I found on one of the other pages that has photos on it, but I can’t get the image to show up at the end of the text about Jason Gray. I have been doing the editing in the “Main index Template” area. I haven’t even tried to do a link yet since i have his web site written out. Any suggestions?

    I managed to get the photo of Jason Gray to show up on the home page. What I did was copy all the code associated with a single photo in the ‘Church Tour’ page. When that photo showed up, I went to the Media section and copied all the info about the photo I needed and pasted it in place of the photo I now didn’t need. It worked but the format of the page was off with the sidebar 2 showing up below the Jason Gray photo. There was some code at the end of the photo string — /></div> — when I removed that everything fell back into place. I don’t really know what I’m doing, just noodle it out and try something. If it doesn’t work, I put everything back the way I found it and try something else. While this approach seems to be working, it is very time consuming. But there is a certain satisfaction having worked it out. But please, don’t hesitate to give me some input on getting the name ‘Jason Gray’ to act as a button or link to his web page. Here is the web page again,(and how do they get this to act as a link to my web page???) —

    BTT – UGERNT – I still need info on how to make a link in the text of the home page. I now have two links that need to direct the reader to two different web sites. We are on a bit of a time line and I need to get this working very soon. Thanks to anybody that can help.

    OK, it looks like I figured out how to do the link to a web page. I remembered that on my browser (Safari) there is a way to look at the source code. I found a page with word links and looked at the code. The first try didn’t work, but it helped me to recognize what was going on with the code. So, I did a Google Search and found a site that had the same basic code I had seen on the other page. I copied the new source, pasted it to my WordPress site, altered the content to match my needs and presto, it worked. How cool is that! Perseverance pays off. OK moderator, we can close this thread now. Thanks

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