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  • Just wondering how hard/simple it would be to add a header to the lightword theme? I really like the theme but would like to add a header. Not being all too fluent in css, was hoping someone could answer this before i actually download it, try to figure it all out and then find out i can’t do it.

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  • Same question. I’d like to make the header space slightly larger to perhaps put an image/banner across. (I could put the logo on the right nav bar, but I can’t do that with the existing widgets.)

    As it is, the small header description (i.e. “Wellington Community Zone. . .”) is smaller than the header title (i.e. “ It looks ok on my laptop, but on typical desktops, the small description actually disappears. I looked into the header stylesheet, but I don’t see the sizes which I can modify (not a CSS expert).

    Wondering if anyone has any wisdom to share? Thanks much in advance.

    Here’s my website:

    Bumping, got the same problem here. I’ve tried to modify the #top and .header_image heights in the CSS but all I’ve managed to do is to mess up the whole blog.
    Any ideas ?

    OK, found a solution. I modified the content_top.png and included my banner on top of it. I then disabled the banner display in header.php (just comment top_header_image(); on line 33). Finally, I edited the CSS : I set the content_top image height (line 42), and adjusted the positions of the pages menu, the search menu and the RSS feed menu (just adjust the “top” settings on line 64, line 43 and line 40).
    Works fine for me ;o)

    Result is visible on my blog (no content yet, and in french, but who cares).



    Very nice. Your way is a bit too complicated for me, especially given the recent update to the theme, which includes a header for an image. If you’re still following this topic, can you show me how you changed your site background (either colour or image)?

    yeah, not being too fluent in css either, its really unclear how to change the HEADER on the LIGHTWORD theme.

    in the header.php file, nothing even closely resembles the following. wp documentation on how to change header images…

    ‘#header {
    background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/wc_header.jpg”)
    no-repeat bottom center; }
    #headerimg {
    margin: 7px 9px 0;
    height: 192px;
    width: 740px; }’

    would greatly appreciate some helP!

    Hello yinzit
    I don’t understand this post at all.
    There are clear instructions on the Lightword settings page to do this – you just make an image, save it as a PNG and upload it to the right directory?
    Appearance > Lightword settings > Image instead text on header – tick
    “Check this box if you would like to SHOW IMAGE instead Cufon text on header. Image location: lightword/images/header-image.png / Max width: 796px”
    You can even set the image height with another tickbox. Am I being stupid here and missing what you’re trying to do? – homemade header, back to maintenance mode tonight.

    I’m also having trouble adding my custom header to the top of my Lightword-themed site. Given I’ve read all of the above tips and don’t understand them (I’m not very WordPress savvy), could somebody help me out?

    I looked on my hard drive and couldn’t find a ‘lightword’ directory, and wouldn’t be sure how to ‘upload changes to a directory’ even if I found it. I just have a picture and want it at the top of my site, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this.

    Please help,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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