• I am using Types Version 1.5.4

    I wanted to create a custom field to add many images, that I will use in the frontend to build a slideshow. To do this, I have created a Custom Field of type “Image”, and I have selected the option “Allow multiple instances.

    While this gets the job done, its use is really cumbersome, mainly because all the images need to be selected one by one. If I want to have a slideshow of 20 images, I have to click 20 times on “Add another Slideshow Image”, open the popup, go to the “Media Library” tab, click “Show”, and then on the button “Use as field value”. All this 20 times! This is extremely tiring.

    When I try to add several images in a Post or a Page, the popup I get shows me a different interface of the Media Library. It allows me to select with a click several images, and create a “gallery”. This is much more fast and easy to use, offers a smoother User Experience, and is a big save of time.

    Is it possible somehow to replicate this behaviour with Types?


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  • I would love to find a solution for the exact same scenario. The only thing that I’ve found that is even close is built into Woocommerce. It adds a nice little metabox on the right that allows you to add/delete/sort images associated with a product. Would be nice if we could do something like this with Types. Any luck finding a solution?

    Sadly I did not find a solution. I proposed to add this functionality to Types in their forum, and they told me they would add it to their TO DO, but I haven’t heard back from them yet 🙁

    Dear dbugger and aapc,

    That really sounds a interesting feature, our development team already are aware about this one. But we have a lot of feature request per day, and we should talk about each one and schedule to some release. Sometimes it is not so quickly.

    Thank you guys anyway for your suggestion, it is much appreciated.

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