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  • I’d like to add a forum to my WP site. Can anyone recommned a simple straight forward plug-in, to enable readers of my blog to post questions that I can then answer.

    Many thanks

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  • Hello,

    I have recently added a forum to my WP blog. It was really quite simple.
    One of the best free things I’ve seen actually. The forum plugin is from the guys at SimplePress. If you have any issues with it I would be glad to try and help.

    Rick Wyatt

    p.s. if you would like to see it in action…. check out my forum

    I like WP-Forum from a swedish fellow … Frederik Fahlstad I think? It is based on Simple Forum? Time Machine? Ah no, simple machine forum I think … Anyhow,

    in the admin panel you assign forum categories and subforums, you can also assign categories to certain user groups only … kinda like, everyone gets to see main forum, registered users get to see an additional forum which they can only see when logged in and moderators have their own and admins another and close friends another.

    It comes with widgets as well like latest posts to show in side bad. Other than that it draws of the user database of wp itself. For some reason you can only get the recent version directly from frederiks homepage. Beats me.

    Rick, why did you decide for simplepress?

    That said will look at your forum now.

    Oh Rick, I already noticed two issues …

    went to forum, meant to check it out, hit forum at the bottom with no posts in it, that hit the home link slightly above and to the left, gave me some error but forum was still there, hit home again (in the forum) and gave me a not found error.

    Some link assignment off it seems.

    Otherwise, fancy looking forum integrating well with your website … however, to much text on top I feel.


    Check with this plugin;


    Shane G.

    Hey Shane, that is the one I also suggested, mind explaining why you’d recommend that instead of simple press?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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