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  1. sambrose123
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have created a WP blog (www.freethots.com). In my first post I am already getting comments, but the INK PRESS MAGAZINE theme I am using does not have a bottom bar to insert a comment widget into.

    Simply stated, I want people's comments on each of my posted posts to be listed at the bottom of the post, so they can scroll down and read the comments.

    I'm sure that I need to change the code, but not sure how to do it.

    Please help,

  2. webtrainingwheels
    Posted 2 years ago #

    The comments are always viewable at the bottom of the individual post, e.g.

    On your homepage (http://freethots.com/), you ideally should only display a paragraph or two from each post with a "read more" link that takes the reader to the full post. You do this by using the "read more" icon on your toolbar when editing a post.

    Otherwise, once you have several posts published, your homepage will become far too long if you allow the posts to display in their entirety.

  3. sambrose123
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Okay, so now I feel like an idiot because I have told everyone to view my first and only blog post at http://www.freethots.com, instead of the link you gave me, which has the comments. Hmmmm....I will have to give the more specific link for the next post. Thanks!

    Well, I did want to ask if perhaps I might be able to pretty up the comments section by the use of say, a widget for comments. The problem is that this theme does not have a bottom bar/footer, in which I can insert a widget.

    Any way to create a bottom bar, so that on the widget page in my dashboard, I can see a bottom bar to drop a widget into, and hence use.


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