Adding a Flutter Write Panel to a post created from a form submission (1 post)

  1. sarahdeh84
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have a form on my site that collects three fields: text, name, and email address. The form then takes the text field and uses as the title of a draft post.
    My issue is, I've also added some Flutter custom write panels, and I want posts created from the form to automatically include the write panels. I've tried the following:

    $wpdb->insert( $Max_postmeta_table, array( 'post_id' =>$Max_insert_id,'meta_key'=>'RC_CWP_POST_WRITE_PANEL_ID_META_KEY','meta_value'=>'1'), array( '%s','%s','%s' ) );

    Which for some reason causes the post to loop twice sometimes, and other times does nothing.
    Any insights would be very much appreciated!


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