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    It is a common request and on my list, but unfortunately it isn’t a simple feature to add as whenever the shopping option changes, you need to generate a new signed cart as that has to happen server side because only the server has the encryption key. So that means some ajax query push when the shipping changes. Also, there will be no enforcement of regions –if someone selects “Priority USA only” they can go to Paypal and put in a shipping address of India. Google Wallet does this much better, as they let you push shipping options in the order, but sadly they are going away and Paypal you must either use their limited shipping options or do what you are asking for. But adding that feature will also make it easier to integrate with other payment / CC supplies as that is how shipping is usually done. If you want to help code that, please let me know.

    In the short term is there a way to code a fixed amount in? So just hard code UK – £2.50?

    I’d be interested with working with you on this and seeing what we can do together, ultimately I need cheque and email settings etc, so I’m sure we could code the plugin to do something 🙂

    Plugin Author bluey80


    In Google, you can push different shipping options for the customer to fill out when they place the order. Take a look at the templates/default.php file to details. For paypal, you have to login to your paypal account and you can setup different shipping options / prices based on order weight or cost. The info doesn’t get presented to the customer until they go to Paypal or Google’s website, but then they have basic shipping options — it just isn’t as flexible and customers often want to see the shipping cost before leaving your site. (Although that is hard since at that point we didn’t know shipping destination).

    trouble is I dont want to use google or paypal so I need to be able to code the shipping price in, then just parse the whole amount.

    I’m planning on being able to make a seperate form for cheque payment and offline card payment where it emails some details and stores the rest of the card info on my database until I tick to say order complete then it will remove the card info.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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