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    Bought domain name from hostgator. Followed a tutorial, pressing all the right buttons etc. The link between hostgator and wordpress acceptance was 3 hours (The norm) but when asked to continue with given user name and password (from wordpress) I was confronted with prompts of error and invalid password.
    I already have a blog on wordpress, and I’m wondering if this has anything to do with it. (I use the same email address).
    I am unable to continue with the build of the web site and have no idea where the new domain name is.
    I have been advised to ask for a renewed password from admin.
    The domain name is (was) The given password was 16 characters, upper and lower case as well as numbers.
    Any ideas?
    Frustrated Ross.

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    Is this a site or a self-hosted WordPress install?

    My original is a site (, but the missing domain name (stories4u…which I believe to be hovering some where in the WordPress site) plus the inoperable password, is for a new set up of self-hosted WordPress install.
    Apparently from logging in with Hostgator (who sell you the domain name and then guide you through fixing it to WordPress), the acceptance from WordPress is where the missing link is.
    To continue, WordPress gave me a user name and 16 character password to log into them, setting a 3 hour delay for everything to register.
    When i used their settings, the password would not work.
    I have since sifted through WordPress, even trying to obtain the name, but it keeps coming back that the domain name is not available…That is because I own it. I am convinced it is up and running somewhere in WordPress and needs a password.
    Surely there must be some admin to follow this through…or not?
    On Youtube at this addy,, if you check in at 13 minutes and 39 seconds, you can see where the downfall is. (The change over from Hostgator to WordPress.)
    Whether there is a simple solution, I’m not now sure.
    Thanks for getting back to me,

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    My original is a site (,

    You do have your own WordPress.ORG blog that you installed? What’s the DNS name of your self-hosted, not on WordPress.COM, Hostgator based installation?

    Providing that information will help get this sorted out.

    All I have on WordPress.ORG is a name and password (for logging on).
    My WordPress blog is on http:/

    Info from Hostgator: username, domain name and a password.

    Then they give out: 1st Name Server…
    2nd Name Server…

    Then a server number (8 figures)

    Can’t seem to figure out the next move.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    All I have on WordPress.ORG is a name and password (for logging on).

    Then I’m sorry but you do not have a WordPress.ORG self-installed software installation. That URL is for a WordPress.COM blog and that’s not the same thing. and

    You do have an account on these forums but that has nothing to do with having your own software installation.

    Can’t seem to figure out the next move.

    If you have Hostgator as your web host then you may want to give their documentation a read.

    Or read the document here about installing WordPress.

    Thanks to all members on this site for the time and effort. Much appreciated.
    As mentioned in earlier posts by Jan, I found from Hostgator, that they had set the domain name servers incorrectly with the ones sent to me via email.
    They apologised, although that hardly compensates for the bleary eyes and stiff neck from the hours spent chasing false leads.
    Anyway, thanks again for the help.

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