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  • Hi there,

    I’m using the Twenty Ten theme which I modified a bit in Dreamweaver. (I’m very new to WordPress, but not now new to Dreamweaver, although not a full-time web coder – I’m a designer.)

    I want to add a custom bullet point to each new post title.

    Currently the stylesheet stipulates an indent to all the posts, which I like, but I want the custom bullet point on the post title to go in that space ie negative indent.

    I’ve added the custom graphic list bullet code to the style for post headings, and my question is a very newby one – how do I make the post title appear as a list item, so it using the custom bullet?

    Simply entering a bullet character in the blog title is not enough – somehow I need to enter html to say that the title is in fact a list item, and thus have it recognize the stylesheet telling it to use the custom graphic bullet, which I have altered to reflect this.

    The wordpress admin page only allows me to enter html into the body of the post, not the heading as far as I can see, so how to I tell wordpress topic headings to call the outdented list style with custom graphics I had set in the stylesheet for those titles?

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  • Thanks for your quick reply, but that is a simple background on editing a CSS, WordPress or no WordPress.

    My question, I think anyway, is much more specific to wordpress, and maybe even specific to the them I am using, and that is how to get the title of my blogs to appear as a list item, and thus recognize the custom css I had already added for list items (as it actually also explains to do in the document you referred me to.)

    If I wanted the custom bullet to appear in the body of the text, it would be a simple matter to use the WordPress admin interface to switch to html mode, and add the tags telling WordPress that the bullet was in a list, but how do I do that for a blog title?

    When I enter “Edit Post” on my admin console, I can change the text only of the title, whereas I can actually change the html of the body of the post.

    How do I add a list html marker to the post TITLE, as I think that is what I need to do? Simply adding a bullet point to the title creates a bullet point using the font selected for the title, and does not recognize the custom list code substituting the graphic for it…

    Hi there, has one-one else got a suggestion?

    This should not be such a hard problem should it?

    Put simply, I want to add a custom bullet point to my blog entry titles, and make it “outdented” so the bullet hangs in space to the left of the Blog title, and the title itself should still line up with the rest of the blog text….

    I’m using a modified version of the basic “Twenty Ten” theme…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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