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  • Aaron


    I’ve noticed that when I add the class “span” or “spanish” or “anthing-that-has-span-in-it” to as a css in a table cell (TD) then the CSS for Customizr matches the cell and breaks the layout.

    To try to be more clear …
    <td class="data-type-french1"> does not match any CSS selectors in Customizr and <td class="data-type-spanish"> DOES match the CSS selectors in Customizr because the class has the text “span” in it. Any class that has “span” in it matches the following selectors in Customizr.

    .row-fluid [class*=span]:first-child in tc_common.min.css?ver=4.4.10
    .row-fluid table td[class*=span], .row-fluid table th[class*=span], table td[class*=span], table th[class*=span] { in tc_common.min.css?ver=4.4.10
    (and some others)

    Since it matches those CSS selectors when it shouldn’t it behaves unexpectedly and interferes with the normal layout. Mainly because of the display: table-cell; and float: none;

    It seems like I should be able to use custom classes in my own CSS such as “my-css-class-spanish” without the CSS from Customizr messing with it… It happens both with Chrome version 92.0.4515.107 and with Firefox version 88.0.1 on OSX.


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  • Theme Author Nicolas


    Thanks for reporting this. Yes this is not the first time that this problem is being raised. This CSS rules could not be changed in the the theme without potentially breaking many sites. So I don’t have an easy solution to propose unfortunately, except recommending to avoid CSS classes that contains the “span” string.

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