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  • Hey Hey,

    I was just wondering if anyone came across this. I’ve searched online, but couldn’t find the right information I am looking for.

    I am using the jQuery Quicksand plug in to re-order my thumbnails of posts. Similar to This uses classes to identify which post’s are associated with a specific tag.

    What I’m trying to do is list the tags that are associated with the all the posts. (Only have 3-5) While listing them I want to add a class (for example “class=”single-tag””)

    Then while I’m going through the WP loop I want to add a class of any tags associated with that individual post to the post div that holds the entire content of the post.

    Any ideas?


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  • part 1:
    if the tag list is done with ‘wp_tag_cloud()’ (as in the tag cloud widget), then this might work by adding a filter function to functions.php of the theme:

    add_filter ( 'wp_tag_cloud', 'tag_cloud_slug_css_class' );
    function tag_cloud_slug_css_class( $return ) {
        $all_tags = get_terms('post_tag');
    	if($all_tags) {
          foreach ($all_tags as $pt) {
          $tag = $pt->term_id;
            if(preg_match("#-link-" . $tag . "' #", $return)) {
            $return = str_replace("tag-link-" . $tag . "' ", "tag-" . $pt->slug . " tag-link-" . $tag . "'", $return);
    return $return;

    this should give each tag link in the list an extra css class .tag-term-slug

    part 2:
    post_class() does this automatically to the post div (if used):

    it also adds css classes such as .tag-term-slug

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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