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  • beerman915


    Hello, I’m new to WordPress and..for that matter..blogs in general. I have an existing website that I would like to add a blog to. I’m having difficulty incorporating the blog into my site. I’m trying to keep the style of the existing page (header, navigation buttons, fonts, colors, etc) but what I end up with is the existing page format with the blog heading and layout from WordPress appearing on top and the text is all jumbled.

    Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Vip76Reis


    To incorporate the wp blog to your site, you only need to link the page to the blog. But there’s a problem: the blog will be using wp lay-out and will bee diferent of your site’s. There are on a series of lay-outs to be chosen. But if you like, you can change fonts, bgcolor and images by editing \wordpress\wp-content\themes\default(or your own)\stiles.css (css knowledges are required); and about images you can edit images on \wordpress\wp-content\themes\default(or your own)\images folder by using photoshop, change them, redesigning and upload they to server.

    If it helps….

    I want to add Word Press to my site as in the form

    I would be using one of your templates. It doesn’t have to be the same as my site.

    I have already incorporated one of your templates into Facebook and like it better than

    My host server does not support PHP 4 etc. I mean it does, but I have to pay more. Does it need to if I can do this?

    If my server’s limitations doesn’t matter how do I do this?

    Your host needs to meet the minimum requirements for hosting WP in particular it needs php and mysql. . That is not a biggie. Most hosts do and you can find them pretty cheaply.
    The *Tiny* account at asmallorange for example is fine.

    If you’re using PRH, it looks a little too “small”/1 man shop for my tastes. There are other hosts all over the place that meet the minimum requirements for PHP without extra costs involved.

    The other thing is, your homepage “beer” is a subdirectory inside the PRH website and you’ve got advertising behind your page – my professional opinion: Move.

    Thanks. My host does provide PHP support but I don’t yet pay for it. I just need to pay more then.

    Does one have to download and install the WP package or can one use a template already done?

    Compare how much you’ll pay to other hosts before coughing up more money.

    With most hosts, you will need to download and install WP, which is editing one file and one setup step (the next button).

    If you’re just looking for a blog, you may want to try a account and just link to it from your website.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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