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Adding a blog to an existing site (2 posts)

  1. yairharel
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm new to WordPress and php, and need your advice on how to integrate a WordPress blog into my existing site, http://www.celesteAndDanielle.com
    The idea is to have the blog start at the bottom half of the middle column, without changing the current look&feel too much. I thought about creating my own template that will mimic the existing site, but it gets messy and I sure hope there's an easier way. All the internal pages (and there are quite a few) should remain the same.

    Is there an easy way to integrate a blog feed into the homepage? I just the posts and comments, no widgets or anything. an bare template integrated through an Object tag would do it, but then vertical scrolling becomes an issue.

    Yair Harel.

  2. moshu
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Sorry to bring the bad news: trhere is never an easy way.

    To include/integrate just the latest blog posts into an existing (.php) page is relatively simple. However, clicking on any internal WP link (like a comment or read more) - would take you to the "unstyled" WP installation. Of course, if you eliminate those links, you can just display the posts, but that's not really an interactive blog.

    The real way to have a fully integrated website AND a blog goes exactly in the way you started: create a theme that looks like your existing site.

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