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    I have one WordPress install up and running now for several months. I have it in a sub-folder and have pointed the domain name to the site and the domain name displays correctly in the browser — nice and clean.

    Now I’m trying to install WordPress in another sub-folder — like the first. I’m changing the name in the config file so that it’s different from the first install (I only have one database). The second install works — I can fully navigate it.

    Everything works perfectly, except I can’t seem to figure out how to make the domain name display nice and clean in the browser.

    My first WordPress install appears (example)
    My second WordPress install appears (example)

    How can I get the domain name ( to display nice and clean in the browser for my second install? I would like it to display

    I have domain forwarding with my host provider, and I have it set to display the second domain in the browser, but it doesn’t change it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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  • Hi esmi,

    I did stumble onto that page and tried it. I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying a lot of things, so I don’t remember the outcome.

    I’ll delete my second install, including deleting the newly created items in my database. I’ll do a new install and try changing the “Home” url line and see if it works.

    To my recollection, it did work, but I couldn’t get into the site. I mean, the url displayed properly, but when I clicked on any link in the black admin bar, my browser (Chrome) refreshed but didn’t take me anywhere.

    I’ll post back in a bit.

    Thank you so much for your help.


    Okay, I performed a fresh install of WordPress, including first deleting any previous attempt from my database.

    Everything works perfectly, except I can’t get the url to display correctly. I changed the site address line in settings, and that didn’t change anything.

    As I previously mentioned, I have domain name forwarding, and even have the “Domain Stay” unchecked (so that the long name won’t stay).

    If I change the “WordPress Address” line, I think the site will lock up.

    With my first install several months ago, I placed the WordPress files in a sub-folder, but have the index.php in the root and that url displays correctly.

    Is it even possible what I’m trying to do — have another WordPress install in a sub-folder (index.php and all), then making a domain name point to it, expecting it to display correctly?

    Yes – that should work.

    Well this really has me stumped. If I could get this figured out, I may have the opportunity to set up a couple of WordPress installs (in my ftp folder) for my relatives.

    A rep from my host provider told me a month ago or so that they’re knowledgeable in WordPress, but they’re not allowed to help with it. They need to know and understand it, he said, so they’re able to tell if a customer’s problem is WordPress or hosting related.

    Maybe my host provider doesn’t have the domain name forwarding activated all the way. The basic does not allow “Domain Stay” and it places an ad for their service at the bottom of the page. I called them yesterday and upgraded the forwarding service, but I’m thinking something isn’t right with it yet.

    This sounds like a hosting/domain forwarding issue – not a WordPress one.

    Hi esmi,

    Well, I just got off the phone again with my host provider. It seems their domain forwarding uses something called frames to hold the domain name, and in the case of having WordPress in sub-folder, it won’t work.

    When it’s switched on, the site appears and everything is normal looking, but I can’t click any of the admin bar links. The Chrome browser tabs refresh and I don’t go anywhere.

    Is there a plugin for WordPress that can display a different url when the WordPress site loads? Any other ideas?

    It seems their domain forwarding uses something called frames to hold the domain name

    That’s never going to work with any WordPress site – even a root install. Nor is there a plugin you can use for this. Your only real options with this host are to abandon the idea of using a different domain name for this WP site or grab a small hosting package and move the WP install & domain name over to the new package.

    What a bad deal to have this kind of hang-up with a host. I could literally start a dozen WordPress sites if it weren’t for their failed domain forwarding.

    Well, thanks for your help anyway. I appreciate you taking the time, esmi.



    Would you please take a look at my newly-installed WordPress site?

    Since yesterday when we posted, I started using the Addon Domains feature in my cPanel to reroute my name. Also, my hosting rep says he pointed the inlandprinter IP to the inlandprinter sub-folder in my public_html folder.

    Now the url displays correctly, except for when I go to the admin page. Then it shows my main account in the address:

    Here’s the strange thing: while in admin, when I click Visit Site, I get logged out and the admin bar disappears and I have to log back in.

    If you would please take a look I would appreciate it.


    This is a new, clean install with no plugins or anything tweaked.

    I’m so close to making this correct url thing happen, but it’s just giving me this log out issue.

    If you think I should abandon this idea altogether after taking a look, I will. I stumbled on a message board early this morning where someone was talking about Addon Domains, so I thought I would give it a try.

    Thank you.


    Change your admin password NOW! Never, ever, post login details on a public forum! You have just given the rest of the world access to your admin area.

    Well, if I was all set up and many, many hours into this site I would never have posted the password. I have 5 minutes invested in this site, and if someone other than you wanted to go in, it’s really no problem.

    I have changed the password as you’ve asked.

    I have changed the password as you’ve asked.

    Thank you. Please, please do not give us another scare like that.

    You’re hitting problems on that site because it was not originally installed on the domain name but in the sub-folder of another domain, yes? So what you are now trying to do is a quick fix/fudge to point the new domain to this site. That approach will always have drawbacks – just as you’ve seen.

    Ideally, the site needs to be moved to it’s own own server and the site urls changed as per Changing_The_Site_URL. If that’s not an option, then you’re just going to have to live with the fact that the site is really at and use that url to login to the Admin area.


    I apologize for posting my login info.

    My host provider charges $480 per year for ftp with cron job ability. I probably don’t always need cron, but it’s nice to have it in the case of a weather widget that I have that we built for displaying the weather temps.

    I installed inlandprinter in a sub-folder of because I’m trying to save myself some money.

    Without cron, I think ftp with my host provider is around $280 per year.

    I’d go with a WordPress install with, but I want to use it as a blog and write about politics. That’s probably something WordPress wouldn’t care to host.

    My host provider charges $480 per year for ftp with cron job ability.

    What?!! Do they offer any kind of file uploader via your account?

    I’d go with a WordPress install with

    Assuming you mean a free blog with, providing you do not post anything that could be construed as a racial slur or an incitement to violence, you will probably be fine. You could check out the full terms of service first, if you want.

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