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    PHP 5
    WP 3.3.1


    I have 20 thousand (20K … 20,000) pictures I would like to allow my users to browse through.

    ANY ideas on how I can best make WP aware of the images?

    I have access to my site via FTP. Also to phpMyAdmin through the host (although the only thing I know how to do is “drop tables”… )

    I’m searching for a plug in that will allow me to either import the images in HUGE batches (i.e. folders, not individual files) – OR – that will index the files in a given folder within my WP installation.

    I’m currently all tangled up with

    It claims to:
    –Upload files in your browser, with FTP or from URL (sideloading)
    –Automatic synchronization of file system and database

    But it’s chocked at 7761 files . . . (I’m in the process of re-indexing all the images now.. after clearing the plugin’s tables on the Db.

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  • Update – still working with wp-filebase

    Only a few short hours latter I’m back at square one.
    Re-importing went better this time – I got to 11K images uploaded,
    but still left over half of the folders “unseen” (not indexed)

    Newest plan –

    dump all of the images out of their folders
    try re-indexing images

    … maybe … after that I’ll try to import the tables from filebase into wp using wp-table reloaded plugin…

    My aim at this time is to “somehow” get all of the images indexed and use Posts from Images plugin to auto create posts… THEN I believe that the search functions will be able to locate the individual jpg’s.

    Or am I nuts for even trying?

    I guess the short answer would be to use a search feature that I could point at the particular folder of images – but I have no hope of coding that php.

    Resolved – I quit trying to do it that way…
    and am about to embark on the slow process of uploading 20Mb at a time…


    The issue is likely related to php execution time. Something you’ll need to adjust at the server. It’s affected by processor speed and available memory. Maybe splitting into 2 batches would work for you.

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