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  • So what is the best route to take in trying to get 1,000’s of products online –

    Acquiring pics , inputing product description, dimensions, price, sale price , attributes, meta, details…..

    I know – I know – Woo has made it extremely easy to add single products and if all of my products were stored inside a csv or xml i could simply upload and then edit but I have contacted 5 of the 20+ vendors i use and none have been able to provide a digital file other than pdf, indesign catalog and or physical catalog…

    I am looking at now hiring someone to simply scan images and input data for next two weeks , months – years!!!!! : (

    I’m wondering if i find products online at another store can i pull info from them and simply store it and then access it – would that require an api and or third party solution? Is there an answer – I really only need to get some products online and can update as we grow but am not having much luck in moving forward as the task seems too big and costly!!!!

    Help –

    I’m afraid the best answer possible might be ” GET TO WORK! ”

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  • If your vendors can generate an actual physical printed catalog of their products, they can almost certainly generate a csv for you.

    How ?
    The last vendor sent me an indesign file?

    I guess i need to find out what can and can’r make csv file and what inventory management software they are using – you would think when they ship me 40 products they have those online – right or I mean on a computer somewhere – right ?

    Right. They are on a computer, somewhere. Someone just doesn’t want to go talk to their tech guy.

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