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  • I’ve added two options to control some functionality by adding to the cart and purchase confirmed pages. Thought I’d share them here, maybe can end up in a future upgrade, or you can enter them yourself.

    File: classes/admin.php
    approximately line 79 or 80, I added these lines:

    scabn_Admin::custom_add_settings_field('checkout_msg', 'Purchase Complete Message: ', 'general', 'general_options','input_textbox_option');
    scabn_Admin::custom_add_settings_field('cart_msg', 'Checkout Cart Message: ', 'general', 'general_options','input_textbox_option');'
    Approximately line 152, I added these lines:

    //Generate html for a text box input option
    function input_textbox_option($arg) {
    $options = get_option(‘scabn_options’);
    echo “<input id='” . $arg[‘id’] . “‘ name=’scabn_options[” . $arg[‘id’] . “]’ size=’70’ type=’text’ value='” . $options[$arg[‘id’]] . “‘/>”;


    I did also change the paypal_pdt_token line to have a longer textbox. Search for the paypal_pdt_token and change “input_text_option” to read “input_textbox_option”.

    Then, I copied the file templates/display.php to templates/WHATEVER.php. You can name the file whatever you want it to be.
    Add these lines:

    function shippingCartInfo($items) {
    	//print "I'm being called!";
    	$cart_msg = $options['cart_msg'];
       $output= $cart_msg;
       return $output;

    That one adds your optional shopping cart message into the page. Then add these lines to include the message for when the customer returns with a completed payment.

    function display_paypal_receipt($keyarray) {
    	$chkout_msg = $options['checkout_msg'];
    	$firstname = $keyarray['first_name'];
    	$lastname = $keyarray['last_name'];
    	$payer_phone = $keyarray['contact_phone'];
    	$payer_email = $keyarray['payer_email'];
    	$amount = $keyarray['payment_gross'];
    	$output .= "<p><h3>Checkout Complete -- Thank you for your purchase!</h3></p>";
    	$output .= "<h4>Payment Details</h4><ul>\n";
    	$output .= "<li>Name: $firstname $lastname</li>\n";
    	$output .= "<li>Phone: $payer_phone</li>\n";
    	$output .= "<li>email: $payer_email</li>\n";
    	$output .= "<li>Total Amount: $amount</li>\n";
    	$output .= "</ul>";
    	$output .= $chkout_msg;
    	return $output;

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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