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  • I experienced this after upgrading to 3.0 RC1. When I click on the add image button on the add/edit post page, nothing happens. I can’t seem to add any images to any new posts. I also do not see pictures in my post body even if I select Visual. It appears to be in HTML regardless of which tab I select. The tool bars in the edit post area also no longer contain any graphics and several are missing.

    I have also notices my Featured Images has stopped working.

    I am running the Suffusion 3.5.0 theme. My Website.

    I have reloaded the WordPress files for RC1 and even tried to downgrade to Beta2 with no results. The featured images in Suffusion relies on Jquery Cycle and I reinstalled that plugin, also with no resolve. I checked my other blog dashboards to see if this only impacted one blog and it effects all my blogs. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

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  • Your core JQuery library is not loading. I see a “500 – Internal Server Error” when I try to access it ( That is cascading into all other JQuery-related functionality.

    Since you are facing this error on your admin pages as well, this has nothing to do with Suffusion (no Suffusion-specific libraries are loaded on non-Suffusion admin pages). My guess is even if you switch themes you will face problems if the new theme uses JQuery.

    What is the best way to ensure JQuery loads properly. Thank you for pointing this out for me.

    What are you using for hosting? I know that GoDaddy has some problems with the 500 error, as per several users on this forum. I am not experienced in this area, but I believe you should reach out to your host for such errors.

    I’v had a similar issue — the add image dialog would load as a normal page instead of in a overlay/popup.
    This was caused by a javascript error in a plugin called “HeadSpace 2”.

    You can use the Web-Inspector in Safari/Chrome or Firebug in Firefox to find these javascript errors, and then disable the offending plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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