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  1. GertyAnne
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Hi, I am having stress!! When I put in my product price, it adds the number 6 after it! For instance, the fabric is $7.99 a yard, and it shows it as being $7.99 6. I can not figure out what the deal is. Please see the following: http://sandhillfabrics.com/product-category/mayjune/ Can anyone help me? I updated to WordPress 3.9.1 and it messed up my website, so I reverted back to the previous version. Do I need to try it again?

  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 11 months ago #

    First, identify exactly which ecommerce plugin you are using and then post in that plugin's dedicated forum via its page in the Plugin Repository.


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