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  • Hi, I just downloaded the plugin and I was playing with it, I think it is great. However I also have a problem, so I’ll suggest a new feature:

    I want forms to also be sent by POST. For instance: the Edit User Profile page, if using GET the query string is too long. So I have modified the plugin to allow to also work with forms submitting by POST

    Basically, I propose:
    – Add a new configuration item: “submit form by post class”:
    var AAPL_form_post_class = ‘<?php echo get_option(‘AAPL_form_post_class’); ?>’;

    – Rename variables and functions:
    AAPL_searchPath -> AAPL_formActionPath
    submitSearch -> submitForm

    – Modify inside AAPL_loadPageInit:

    // Added these 2 variables
    form_classes = [AAPL_search_class, AAPL_form_post_class];
    form_method_requests = [‘GET’, ‘POST’];

    // Added this
    jQuery(form_classes).each(function(index_class, class_name) {

    // Modified here
    jQuery(‘.’ + class_name).each(function(index) {

    if (jQuery(this).attr(“action”)) {

    jQuery(this).submit(function() {

    // This line was moved (it was before jQuery(this))
    AAPL_formActionPath = jQuery(this).attr(“action”);

    // Modified here: added param form_method_requests[index_class]
    submitForm(jQuery(this).serialize(), form_method_requests[index_class]);
    return false;
    } else {
    if (AAPL_warnings == true) {
    alert(“WARNING: \nSearch form found but attribute ‘action’ missing!?!?! This may mean search form doesnt work with AAPL!”);

    // Modified here
    if (jQuery(‘.’ + class_name).attr(“action”)) {} else {
    if (AAPL_warnings == true) {
    alert(“WARNING: \nCould not bind to search form…\nCould not find <form> tag with class='” + class_name + “‘ or action=” missing. This may mean search form doesnt work with AAPL!”);

    I have implemented these changes and it works alright. I hope it can be added to a new release 🙂


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  • I forgot 1 thing:

    – Modify AAPL_loadPage to add the extra parameter request_method
    function AAPL_loadPage(url, push, getData, request_method){

    request_method = request_method || ‘GET’;

    type: request_method, // changed from “GET”

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