• The Add Plugins page had only 4 main items: Featured, Popular, Recommended, and Favorites. Via an update, this dev quietly tacked on another item: Catch PlugIns. Of course, it includes premium versions.

    When you abuse your privileges, I look for a replacement. Thank you. I’ve since discovered Reveal IDs, with at least 4 times the number of installs as your offering, yet a straight 5-star rating. As a general rule, I wouldn’t mention a competing product by name. But you disrespected the privilege I extended to you. Therefore, folks should know of options acting as we expect.

    I suspect the described intrusion on the central plugins page goes beyond the WP.org ToS. In any event, I write to warn other users. I will not return to this page b/c the dev has already shown his core character. Plugin removed, with the dev now on my crap/spammer list.

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  • Plugin Author Catch Themes


    @wswp2: Sorry, that you didn’t like it. But we tried to make it easy by listing all out free plugins there. We haven’t listed any of our premium plugins. Just making it easy for users to install it.

    No, it doesn’t go beyond WP.org ToS. We are using core WordPress API to list the plugin that we have in WP.org. We haven’t listed any of our premium plugins.

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you didn’t like the way we did it.

    Have a nice day.

    The plugin also adds a “Themes by CatchThemes” section into the customizer. I agree with the initial post.

    “Reveal IDs” looks promising. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Catch Themes


    Thanks for giving us feedback and we have just released new version 1.8 which has an option in Catch ID settings page to Turn on and off “Catch Themes & Catch Plugin tabs”

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