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  • I had a hard time getting a favicon to work on my blog ( but managed to get it to show and work on Firefox. However, on IE8 I can see the favicon next to the url but there is NOTHING on the page! No error message, nothing, just (scary) white space…
    I unloaded the favicon and the script (from header.php) and can see that the favicon no longer appears in FF or IE but still, no blog on IE.

    I’ve emptied caches, looked for bugs with the IE developer tool, restarted my computer, disabled all plugins… nothing seems to help.

    Is there anyone who can help?
    It’s probably something simple but I’m just a baby WPer…
    Many thanks in advance.
    PS: my theme is Constructor

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  • I copied my theme for safe-keeping (via ftp from my host), then re-installed the theme. I had to re-save some stylesheet.css and re-load some images but I think I’ve got it back up and working on both FF and IE.

    Maybe this can help someone else with the same problem…

    I am using Constructor Default theme in this site: I have similar problem too. My favicon showed up good at both IE and FF the first time. Then I changed it to be a different color. No matter what I did, it just does not show up the changed one. It is still not working correctly. I don’t know what to do any more… Any advice?

    Put the appropriate code underneath <head profile=”″> in header.php

    If you have a png, use this code

    <link rel=”icon”
    href=”/favicon.png” />

    If you have the ico, use this code

    <link rel=”icon”
    href=”/favicon.ico” />

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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