• I really liked this plugin, but noticed it hasn’t seen an update in a while, so I hired a great programmer on Freelancer.com to add the Day of Week (Mon, Tue, etc..) to each Posterboard Event Card.

    I am an okay PHP programmer, so I hired Chetan from cmitexperts.com and they made the changes in 2 hours for a reasonable fee. Now I am sharing that solution with anyone who makes their way here.

    So download the Powerboard plugin. You need to make 2 changes to the existing files to get day of week on each event card. Then upload those files to the existing folders to see the results.

    In event-organiser-posterboard.php (in the plugin root folder):
    Add the following line to the event array.
    We did it after the line for “event_start_day”

    ‘event_start_day_name’ => eo_get_the_start( ‘D’ ),

    In single-event-board-item.html (in the templates folder):
    Add a third line to the “eo-eb-date-container” div so it looks like this:

    <div class=”eo-eb-date-container”>
    <span class=”eo-eb-date-month” style=”background-color: <%=event_color%>;”><%=event_start_month%></span>
    <span class=”eo-eb-date-day” style=”background: <%=event_color_light%>;”><%=event_start_day%></span>
    <span class=”eo-eb-date-month” style=”background-color: <%=event_color%>;”><%=event_start_day_name%></span>

    Hopefully this helps someone else.

    – Scott Lynn

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for posting this :). Incidentally the html file can be copied to your theme, and changes made there.

    Additionally the addition of:

    'event_start_day_name' => eo_get_the_start( ‘D’ ),

    can be made using a filter rather than editing the file directly.

    I’d recommend doing that instead of editing the plugin files wherever possible, as it means you’re able to update the plug-in without losing your changes. That said, there are no planned updates for this plug-in for the time being.

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