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| Added by dont shows up

  • Hi, and thank you for this usefull little plugin!
    ive enabled the option to show the username, but there only shows up a Added by: and no username. if i click on the entry i see the username…

    i think its a problem within the wpf_default.php line 136?!

    $username = (get_option(‘wpf_username’, ‘no’) == ‘yes’)?’ | added by %username%’:”;

    as i saied the switch works…
    i could not figured out with my limeted php skills :/

    as we use this with 3 people it would be gread if you kindly could fix this 🙂

    with kind regards


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  • Plugin Author mch0lic


    Hi j0schi

    I checked the latest installation on my server and everything seems to be fine. Could you please check the version you are running and provide full detail about your configuration.

    PS: you can also reply through http://mindomobile.com/contact-us/

    WordPress is the newest version, plugin is version 1.3.5
    it is a multi site install, pretty basic so far, not much custom configurated. it doesnt matter if i add the expense with the network admin or a normal user.

    here you have a screenshot:

    so ive added my first income just to test a little more and suddenly the name apears:

    same with the e3ntrys from the other user.

    i hope that hepls.
    with kind regards

    edit: after deleting the income from my user “test” and added a income from my user “patrick” the name of the expense changes to “patrick, if you click on it it is still added by “test” and the other entrys have no name again…

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Hi j0schi,

    Have you upgraded plugin, or its plain new installation? The reason im asking is that if you have upgraded the plugin all the records before upgrading wont have user_id in the table so there is no way of knowing who submitted it.

    Also, I havnt tested the plugin running mustisite mode so that could be an issue.

    Its a plain install… the site is still under development.

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Will try release small update for collecting debug information so I could find whats wrong with your installation. Stay tunned 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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