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  • I’m unable to create a working submenu page for a custom post type that is using nested pages when Replace Default Menu is checked. (It’s a settings page I add to all my custom post page, which allows me to add some intro text to the top of the archive page for each CPT).

    My code loops round each CPT and uses add_submenu_page to create submenu. It works correctly for CPTs not using nested pages, but not for those that do. The url for the submenu should be:


    However for the CPT using the nested pages, this url is:


    If I uncheck Replace Default Menu it works fine.

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  • Noahj


    I thought I would just add this in here, because it is similar to your case and I’ve had this issue from the beginning of Nested Pages.

    Specifically, when working with custom menus from Admin Menu Editor Pro and using Replace Default Menu… I will lose menus.

    At first I thought maybe it was just something else. But I’ve seen where Menu simply just disappear from the menu completely, even so that Admin Menu Editor Pro doesn’t list the lost menus so I can adjust them. Things only work when I uncheck replace the default menu option.

    I was going to post about it but have been busy just doing a workaround. Since I use Admin Menu Editor Pro, I just have been moving the “Nested Menu” to be the Default Menu and just renaming it’s title.

    I can revisit this and duplicate my site so you can take a look at the issue, if you would like. In my site if I check the replace default menu option you can just see that the menus get funky and some disappear. Let me know and I will do this if it will help.

    Plugin Author Kyle Phillips


    I know it’s been a while, but believe I have this issue fixed.

    If either of you (or anyone else) is willing to test this fix before I release it here, shoot me a message with your email using the contact form on the plugin site, and I’ll send you a patched version:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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