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  • Greetings

    I’m trying to play wit hthe add_filter function

    I did my homework reading

    but I face a problem when I want to pass more than one argument to the function that is target

    I have a function as such

    function populate_dropdown_destinations($form,$formID,$titleRemove,$sport_category){
    here some code execution ....

    I call it by
    add_filter(“admin_pre_render”, “populate_dropdown_destinations”,10,4);

    but I have hard time to find where I put the $formID,$titleRemove,$sport_category values for those variable

    I have try

    apply_filters( ‘populate_dropdown_destinations’, $form, 2, ‘-test’, ‘test’);

    but that is firing a big error

    any idea where I can find some ressource to learn how to deal with added argument at the add-filter stage

    thank you in advance

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