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  • I’m wondering how to add additional User Fields to sync over to MailChimp.

    I have the MailChimp fields added on a random SignUp form (unused in reality, but it’s how sync-able fields are created in MailChimp), now I need to have AuoChimp see my extra fields on the WordPress end. I’m adding additional user fields to WordPress with the following code:

    add_filter( 'user_contactmethods', 'modify_user_contact_methods' );
    function modify_user_contact_methods( $user_contact ) {
    	$user_contact['phone'] = __( 'Phone Number' );
    	$user_contact['location'] = __( 'Location' );
    	return $user_contact;

    Autochimp isn’t recognizing these fields – it only sees Username, Nickname, Website, & Bio. I’d like to also sync the user’s Phone & Location.

    Using AutoChimp v2.14

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  • autochimp.php

    I ran across the same problem. You can manually add your fields to autochimp. However this means you cannot update the plugin in future without making the corresponding adjustments “by hand”.

    Version: 2.15
    row 113

    $wpUserDataArray = array( 'Username', 'Nickname', 'Website', 'Bio' ,  'My Custom Field', /*'AIM', 'Yahoo IM', 'Jabber-Google Chat'*/ );

    row 1021

    elseif ( 0 === strcmp( $field, 'My custom field ) )
    				$value = get_the_author_meta('my_custom_field', $user_info->ID);
    				$dataArray[] = array( 	'name' => $optionName,
    										'tag' => $fieldData,
    										'value' => $value );

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