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  • Satrya,

    More info…it looks like I could accomplish this within the “Title URL” box (by putting the link to the category URL). However, I would like this linked Widget Title to come after the list of posts and underline it.

    Is there a way to modify the CSS to make that happen?

    Many thanks in advance,

    It not possible for now, I’m sorry 🙂


    Would it at least be possible to display the category with a link to it if we checkbox something that says “Display category”?

    Right now I list the category with each of my posts in a normal WP Query. I can’t really do that with this plugin on my home page though even though its clear you are pulling the categories in a list for us to highlight which post to select from.

    @branden I’m not sure with your question, but I guess you ask to display category each post list?


    In looking at this another way, I have just reviewed the PHP files for the plugin. Would it be possible to add code like this somewhere:

    “>Show All Posts from <?php echo single_cat_title(); ?>

    Would this be the right line? What and where would I add this in the plugin files?

    Many thx,

    You will lost you changes if you modify the plugin code when you upgrade to the newer version. Maybe I will add a action hook in the future, so you could add any code to the plugin within your theme.

    Yeah you nailed it satrya. Pretty much I like to have the category displayed along with the post.

    Maybe if you ever have the time, implementing a way to determine what gets display and what doesn’t would be handy.

    With a wordpress query, you can typically pull in the categories if you need too and display them with the post.

    In riches case, he also needs a way to display the category link of all posts underneath that category. I basically need the same thing.

    I need some research with this problem, thanks for all of you.

    No problem Satrya. You will want to look at something like:

    Get The Category

    Which will fetch the category for that particular post its querying over. Then give us a way to display that by selecting a checkbox or something that says, “Display categories” in widget. Finally, give us a way to control that through CSS with a div like <div class=”rpwe-category”></div> so we can style it.


    Many thanks in advance for implementing this in the next version. And Branden, great input as well.

    Cheers all and looking forward to next iteration of plugin.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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