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    hey everyone!

    I have created a folder inside my wp-content labeled videos. I’ve uploaded a video (.mov) using my FTP client, how do I go about adding this video to my Videos tabe on my site?

    Thanks in adv!

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  • What exactly is Videos tabe?

    Anyway, for me (for me), the best way of hosting a QuickTime movie within an article is to install a pop-up PHP(HTML) page with a movie on a graphic file (which says ‘Click here’ or something). That’s how we host hundreds of QT movies. Of course, ‘the best way’ depends on your main objective.

    Depending if you have visual editor on or not – either click the media tab or hover over media icons for video and click.
    A pop up will ask for the embed info – you provide it and save – that’s it.

    Also, you will need a player installed on your site for folks to view inside post/page. There are many plugins
    google or search the plugins codex here
    I use Anarchy Media Player

    thanks so much samboll and macsoft.

    Sorry for the typeo, i meant Video Tab. @ Samboll when i tried to upload via the media tab and chose to upload from my computer, it got about 90percent done and sat there. I let it sit for about 30 mins, but it never completed.

    Ill give the other suggestions you gave a try.

    Thanks again

    You should use a reference movie to protect the self-contained one if case you didn’t know. The self-contained movie will be easily downloaded by any visitor with or without QuickTime Pro if you don’t embed a movie on a HTML or PHP file because you cannot use the kiosk mode.

    Good luck

    haha macsoft, i get what your saying… or rather I get the end goal, but I’m fairly new to this stuff.

    If i have a reference movie say in my Video’s tab, how would I go about executing what you’re suggesting?

    When I export a movie for the Web in quicktime pro, it creates a folder with a banner image, some HTML code, and a movie and reference movie just like you said, but how do I get all this to work so other’s can’t just download my content?

    >so other’s can’t just download my content

    That is impossible to the extent that there is always find a way to locate the self-contained movie. But most people won’t be able to find it.

    >how do I get all this to work

    Ask a guy named Google, George or whoever about ’embed tag QuickTime movie html kiosk’ or similar.

    right on man.

    thanks for the replies!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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