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  • Resolved kapara


    PLEASE help

    i followed all the tutorials.
    i created a variable product, added attributes, saved (=published), went to “variations”, i click either “add variation” or “link all variations”, and nothing happens.

    i went again and again through the process and i can’t think about what do i miss.
    please please please help.


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  • When you look at the Attribute tab on your product page you should see the attributes listed (i.e. color/size etc.). There are two checkboxes on that dropdown that should be selected. Then, when you go to the Variations tab and click the Link All Variations button (which you have to do multiple times if you have over 50 variations by the way) it should recognize and create all the possible variations. Then save the product page and check it in your browser. Hope this helps.


    i prepared a short video:

    really don’t know what to do. it simply doesn’t respond.

    thank you very much

    I would check to see if you have any plugins in your browser. I have one called Do Not Track and it was interfering with another java function from another site so check them. Also you are clicking very fast and it may need time to react? What I do is visit the page fresh, click the Variations tab, click the Link All and wait 60 seconds. It takes time for the box to pop up that the process is completed.

    i solved it.

    i had many plugins installed.
    i deactivated all of them and it started working.

    now i have to find which plugin caused it.


    Cool. Just activate one at a time. Be sure to refresh your browser before you test and/or dump your cache so you don’t get tricked :p

    lots of other questions, but that one’s solved.

    i have done same kapara but mine is not working , plz help me


    at the beginning it did not work for me for three reasons:
    1. bad theme
    2. conflicts. i had a million plugins installed, most of them useless and it’s bad for seo. i’m glad i had to deactivate them all, i reactivated only very few i really needed.
    3. i didn’t follow the tutorial, i didn’t do the things the right way.

    so what i did was, i deactivated every plugin, (including hello dolly …).
    and then i started again with the tutorial in my hand.
    followed every word in the tutorial, and it worked.

    i deleted really everything, created category, created product, define as variable etc …

    If there’s no conflict – it works fine. no doubt.

    try to do it all again from zero. print the tutorial and follow it.

    when you say “not working”, what is not working?
    can you create a category? can you create a product? can you set it as variable? did you create attributes? did you click “link all variations”?etc. etc. etc…

    at what point did it stop doing what it should? do you get an error message?

    it MUST work. just be thorough and precise.


    i normally use many free components: plugins, themes, fonts, graphics etc. but for the shop i went and bought a relatively expensive theme (60$) and it works like magic. (and it’s beautiful, much more than the free ones).

    hope that helps

    have luck


    Thanks for the fast response ,I do that what you said deactivating all the plugins and it’s working really fine. Thanks for the help kapara

    you’re welcome.

    have luck


    Hi there!
    I had the same problem with cool ecommerce theme from themeforest. But the problem isn’t with theme. The problem was with my browser (Firefox), I dont know, what the… Everything works in Chrome. And Safari.
    If you have problems with button, first try another browser.
    P.S. But after reboot the button works in Firefox too… Interesting, yeah?

    I am having trouble with the variation not linking. I am using E-Store from Elegant themes. I can list the colors, I have them in the attribute field but they are not showing on the front.

    Which tutorial are you referring to ? I would like to see it. is my site.

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