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  • I’m using your plugin to allow businesses to register on a site and then they can create posts about their business.

    When these posts are displayed on the frontend, I want to grab information from their profile, i.e., company name, address, phone, etc., and display (echo) it along with regular the post meta data of date, category, and tags.

    I’ve been through your documentation and I can’t find how to do this.

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  • And you won’t probably get that answer here either as customization issues are hardly ever discussed (not that I haven’t in the past).

    Check every post requesting customization tips or code on this forum and you’ll see that the support team avoids them like the plague.

    You need to be an advanced level web developer anyway to even attempt implementing what you suggest. Are you?

    Hello borisv,

    I’ve been developing WordPress sites for clients since 2007 and have worked as a web designer since 2003. But I come at it from a designer perspective and have learned to code along the way so there are some things I still need to ask about… Like this question. For instance, I’ve found this as the call to get the current logged in user info:

    um_fetch_user( $user_id );

    But what I need is to call the information for the user who created the current post.

    So, you understand what I want to do. How do you propose I get an answer?

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    I would be glad to send you all the related Pull Requests, or create that custom hook to functions that you need so that you can just copy and paste, but both, my time and this support forum does not allow it.

    Well, if you do find some time, you can contact me through my profile.

    Anyone else have a solution?

    Trishah – this is what I looking for as well. Did you get an answer? I am currently having users type in everything manually.

    I’m working with someone on it, and I will report back when I get an answer.

    BTW, I just knew I wasn’t the only person who would need this 😀

    @techaspects my coder has a solution that may work for you. You can contact me through my profile.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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