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  • Hi there

    I’ve just installed the Plugin and i’m not goot with codes at all 😉 (i understand at least how some shortcodes work).

    I want to display custom fields information from Pie Register on the list.
    I’ve tried another Plugin called Members List, where i could add my custom fields (from a dropdown list) to the User List Markup, the Markup would look like this (e.g. in which Departement my user is):

    Database Field: departement
    Field Name: Departement (i can edit this field)
    Mark-Up: <div class="tern_wp_members_departement">%value%</div> (I can edit this field too)

    The problem with the other plugin was, that the list wouldn’t update everytime new users have been added to the list or changed their custom fields values.

    Question now:
    What’s the code to get the custom field values in the Template Info of People List Plugin?

    I’ve seen your tutorial with filters, but I don’t understand it, don’t know if it’s the same and if there is an easier way.

    P.S.: What’s the Before & After-Thing?
    P.S.2: I’ve disabled line 334 in the people-list.php file because of the jquery problems with WP 3.6+

    Thank you and kind regards
    Your plugin looks very promising.


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