• Hi,

    I am attempting to add my typeform to my wordpress site. The plugin has successfully installed, and I can see the “Add Typeform” button – but when I click the button nothing happens; the page just auto-scrolls up to the top of the page. I am in the ‘Visual Editor’ and trying to add the form into a text box. Within the text box I have tried adding the form under the ‘text’ view and the ‘visual’ view.

    I would be grateful for assistance.

    Thank you.

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  • It appears there is a conflict with this plugin and the visual composer, as I’m seeing the same issue in Salient theme. The workaround appears to be to switch to the text editor and then paste the basic form code.. .e.g.

    [typeform_embed type="popup" style="button" button_text="Contact Us" builder="name=Hey%20there%21%20What%27s%20your%20name%3F&email=Great%21%20And%20your%20email%3F&message=Thanks%21%20How%20can%20we%20help%3F&email_notifications=myaddress%40gmail.com"]

    Then you can switch back to visual editor, and see the block for editing the typeform. You can then click to edit the typeform, and it loads to edit the form as you would expect.

    This plugin hasn’t been updated in a while, and shows as not up to date with the current wordpress install… I’m not sure if Typeform is maintaining this or not.. I noticed they haven’t responded to your comment in over 2 months…

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