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  • I am making a plugin to modify any title. Basically I want to add some text at the end of a title if the user is logged in and the content contains a certain string inside of it, outside of the loop. So far I am using:


    and it works inside of a loop, but if I have a plugin like YARPP, which pulls the related posts to the current post. I want to check the content of those posts for “{DO NOT SHOW TO EVERYONE}” and if it sees that string then have title change from:
    “Twitter has it’s ups and downs”
    “Twitter has it’s ups and downs *”

    Anyone have any ideas? Or do I need to do a custom wpdb call to check the contents of the titles being pulled?

    This might sound very confusing, but that is what I am right now, confused.

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  • I want this to work for all plugins that pull a title as well. Doesn’t look like that is possible because they all pull the title differently. Maybe I have to actually physically add or remove the information into the DB. Then it will work for everything. But then I have to do a bunch of DB calls all over the place…

    Please someone offer me some guidance…

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