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  • Greetings,

    I am wondering if there is anyway to add the event to mobile calendar if I am browsing the WordPress from a mobile device?

    Example: I use my phone to browse the event page, then I click on Add to Calendar and the event appears on my device calendar. Right now, it seems that using Google Calendar is sort of workaround for it, but I was told to look for alternative, as in directly to your device without using Google Calendar.

    In the event that I can not directly do so, can someone point to me direction of doing it myself? I currently have AppPresser plugin installed on my WordPress, and I got a PhoneGap app up and running. I read from AppPresser documentation that I can expose PhoneGap API to the WordPress. My idea is following:

    Modify the function in All-in-One event plugin which deal with add to calendar to:
    1. Add support for PhoneGap API
    2. Use said PhoneGap API to add to device calendar.

    However, I do not know which function in the Ai1EC to modify. Can someone point me to the right file?

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  • Note that 2.0.12 added a bunch of new ICS subscription options for events, including Outlook, Apple iCal, etc. In each case all it’s doing is setting specific options to remove content that isn’t supported by that device.

    You could create a calendar child theme, implement a call to the PhoneGap API to give back the relevant details for a calendar feed (implemented as a twig filter, you can do this in functions.php), then call that through the twig filter.

    It’s not simple, but it will work.

    The one advantage is that the subscribe button twig code in 2.0.12 is now all in the one place in twig/subscribe-buttons.twig in the child calendar theme (you will need to copy the original from the vortex theme).
    I’ve not needed to do this, so I can’t say for sure how it would work, but that seems like the logical way from what I know of how Ai1ec hangs together.

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