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  • Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    If both plugins are active on your site, Send to Kindle appears among the available services under Settings > Sharing in your dashboard.

    Once you have added the button there, you can go to the Send to Kindle menu for more customization.

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    Jeremy is right! Jetpack integration is not really advertised in the plugin information because it is in a rather early stage of support, but I would be happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

    Even though I have both plugins enabled the Send to Kindle button does not show under available services. Any thoughts on why?

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    The most likely cause for breakage is the path. Send to Kindle will look through your active and valid plugins for jetpack.php. Assuming it exists, it will then try to include modules/sharedaddy/sharing-sources.php in order to integrate with the Sharing_Source class.

    Is Jetpack up to date and have you moved any of your plugin files to nonstandard places?

    Jetpack is up to date and installed in the standard location however we are a multi-site install so perhaps that is where the issue lies?

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    One possibility could be my use of wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins, which does not return “network” plugins on multi-site setups. Inside of jetpack.php (the one inside of the Send to Kindle plugin, not the Jetpack plugin) try changing line 19 from:

    $share_plugin = preg_grep( '/\/jetpack\.php$/i', wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins() );

    …to something like this:

    $share_plugin = wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins();
    if ( is_multisite() ) {
    	$share_plugin = array_unique( array_merge($share_plugin, wp_get_active_network_plugins() ) );
    $share_plugin = preg_grep( '/\/jetpack\.php$/i', $share_plugin );

    Let me know if this helps.

    I love that someone finally created this plugin. My issues: the button wraps for me and doesn’t add any padding between other applications. I added it to the end of every post. Ideas?

    I’m using Jetpack, and have both plugins enabled. Add to Kindle shows up as an available service in Jetpack Sharing, and I’ve added it. That part is working great. But when I actually try to USE the button to send a post to my Kindle, I get a non-helpful error message.

    Here’s a screenshot:
    And here you’ll find the page I was using to test:

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