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    I’m testing things out before starting my page.

    Basic Information: I’ll sell Prescription Contact Lenses, so the product needs some custom fields for entering Prescription information (like Power…). Since some lenses can have more than 3K combinations (Power, Cylinder, Axis…), it’s impossible to set variable products, BUT all options(variables) are always available so there is no need to do this, so i can use a plugin like “Extra Product Options” to set the options and all is good, once the cliente chooses his options they come as some kind of “comment” in the order and that’s all i need.

    The “problem”: Some people have different Prescription for each eye and in that case you have to buy one box of Lenses for each eye, each one with the different presctiption. Instead of having the costumer to buy the same product twice, it would be perfect (most contact lenses store use this approach) to have him choose the prescription for each eye in the Single Product page and then add the product twice(with the different options for each product) with one button click.

    How do i add the same product twice(with different options) with one button click?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hey there!

    The best possible way to do this would be variable products. Why are you thinking that it would not be possible to do that?

    Some products can have more than 3k combinations of options, isn’t it too heavy on the system to have 3k variations of the same product?
    If not, how would i send the product twice to cart, each one with different variables?

    Thanks for the quick help!

    Ok, so i tried to create 2 hidden “duplicate” products, one for each eye, and then created a Group product with the two hidden ones.
    That would be a workaround (too much work?) but the problem with this “solution” is that you can’t choose the “options/variables” and the “quantity” in the Group Product page, you can’t buy it either, it just lists the two hidden products and gives you a button to go to their Single Product Page.

    Any help?

    edit: I’m using Storefront btw, just to be clear

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    I’ve seen several sites sell items like this and they use variations, one for each eye.

    I know there are a lot of combinations and attributes to set up, but that’s the way I’ve seen it done in all cases I’ve come across to solve this issue.

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    Hi there!

    There hasn’t been a reply for a while so I’m going to close this ticket.

    If you’re still having problems please open a new ticket, thanks!

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