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  • Hello All,

    it has been 4 day and i had this issue more than 1 month. i tried many things and at least i could defind the issue but have no clue to solve this.

    i need realy help on this situation because some words has key word value and I couldn’t change them to bypass this issue.

    As you know most user not sign up before cart and on my site they couldn’t add items.

    I realy need helps and appratiate for solving this issue.

    Best Regards

    Plugin Support Shaun Kuschel


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey @itorunoglu86,

    Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you.

    I followed your instructions to test this, using the ‘Samsung Ta30 Type-C Hızlı Seyahat Şarjı ( Samsung Türkiye Ürünü )’ product, but I didn’t run into any issues adding it to the cart or staying in the cart as a guest (not logged in).

    Here is a screenshot:

    Were you able to resolve this issue since your last comment?


    Hello ,

    Actually it is still exist and i tried same item and it has same issue for me.

    i tried the issue on “Chrome” ,”chrome secret mod”, “internet explorer 11″,” on my phone with browser “chrome”” i didn’t try on firefox yet .

    All of this browsers gives me same response. two of my customer report this issue. i realised last month from one of my customer’s complaining.

    at first i didn’t know why because some of the items works fine some not. And I try to solve it and the Turkish characters seems the only difference.

    Now you can add one of the item with Turkish Character.

    Screen Shots
    1. an item couldn’t add to chart

    2. Samsung Ta30 same issue with 1.

    3!!! This item has Turkish character “ç” and “ü” but i can add this item to cart

    4.i don’t see any item that couldn’t add without Turkish Character

    So these are the conditions i had.

    i add some items link which i couldn’t add to cart


    it suprised me when I saw your screenshot.
    i tried with other machines and “win 10” “win 7” different browser. when i saw the screenshot you added i feel happy cause i thought it solved somehow. and i tried but as you can see with fresh screenshots that i add , the situation contiues.

    maybe i make complicated the issue cause i wok with this situation about month maybe it is note about Turkish Character. But most common Charracter ( “ı” , “ş” , “ü” )

    i watch for solution
    Thanks for you reply

    Best Regards

    Plugin Support Shaun Kuschel


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey Ismail,

    I just tested it again, trying all 3 of those products you linked. These were the results:


    This product worked normally, as you can see in this gif:


    This product gives a 404 error, so I wasn’t able to test it.


    This product also works just fine and adds to the cart without issue (just like the first one).

    This does seem to be an odd issue, if you can consistently replicate this with those products.

    Even though it’s clear that you’ve been trying everything you can, I’d suggest trying the following:

    – Clear your browser cache/cookies
    – Make sure the page has finished loading after adding the product to the cart
    – Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme (like Twenty Seventeen) and disable all plugins except WooCommerce (I would recommend doing this on a staging site so you don’t impact your live site)

    Let us know how it goes.

    Hello Shaun,

    i tried your commends
    cleaned up all cookies etc.
    using different theme with only woocommerce (on same server)

    results are same

    i have no clue about solving and defining but on test there was some items with Turkish character can be added.

    there seems a problem more deep than i thought and it only show it self to me and some of my customers 🙂 (i had two complained customer and i realised the issue by them)

    i feel bad cause i had a problem i can recreate it but couldn’t prove cause you couldn’t recreate it.

    So i ll try more test scenario to define this problem more specificly.
    i ll inform you if I find anything and please inform me if you get any issue like this.

    And thanks for your time share with me to solve the issue


    Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi @itorunoglu86

    We haven’t heard from you in a while so I will mark this thread as resolved. If you have any questions, feel free to open a new thread.

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