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  • I’ve integrated WooCommerce into my theme (Reaction 2.0 based on Super Skeleton).

    You can see it live (but no direct link at: )

    For my T-Shirt product that has variations, I can’t get Add to Cart to show, no matter what combo of variations I put in.

    As a test, I went through the code and found:
    <div class="single_variation_wrap" style="display:none;">
    Removing display:none I was able to see the Add to Cart button, but when I input the product settings and click Add to Cart, I get the message that says ‘Please choose product options’.

    Some notes:
    – I do have wp_footer in my theme.
    – The variations have stock, SKU, shipping class, tax class, weight and price filled in or inherited from the parent.
    – The Clear Selection button doesn’t do anything, making me think its a JS issue.
    – The console in Chrome doesn’t seem to have any pertinent JS issues.
    – Add to Cart works fine on a single item with no variations.
    – ‘Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on product archives’ didn’t seem to have an effect.
    – ‘Enable WooCommerce CSS styles’ is unselected, but everything is in its own child template and CSS.

    Hopefully someone can help me out and take a look, it would be much appreciated.

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  • Roy Ho


    You have JS issues on that page…Fix that first. You can see the error in firebug or chrome tools..

    I was being lazy… fixing that JS issue solved my problem.

    I’ve got one bug left to fix, hoping I could get some help on it.

    On my product pages, the switching tabs with Product Description don’t do anything. All three have a style="display:none"; hiding all of the text inside them. Doesn’t seem right to me. Might be a conflict with my theme, but not sure what’s happening here.

    Edit: Not so much lazy, as just thought they were unrelated.

    Edit: Product page where the issue is:

    Roy Ho


    That usually means JS is not firing for those tabs. Have you tried with default theme to ruled out if it is or not your theme issue?

    2 for 2. Thanks!

    Had forgot to update a conflicting class name on the JS side of woocommerce and had done the CSS side.

    Torn between starting a new thread and keeping this one going… as I’m pretty far off the original request now….

    Has anyone had an issue with Breadcrumbs not showing in the store? I’ve poured over the settings on the backend and dont see anything to turn them on/off in there that might have been changed by accident. Still looks to be in the hooks, but never ends up in the front end.

    Mikelastphoto- I just want to say thanks. The problem with the variable product add-to-cart button has had me pulling out my hair for 3 days now. I took a look at your file and got it fixed on a site that goes live in 48 hours.

    Thanks a million!

    No problem John. I paid $5 to get it figured out and had the guys at Woo pull it in for the future. – has the specific problem line.

    Unfortunately, that line HAS to be the top line of the three for my theme, so if I automatically upgrade WooCommerce, I need to go back and make that in the JS file. Just a heads up.

    Hi All,

    My first post so please be nice 🙂

    I have a similiar problem but using a DXTheme and WooCommerce with a dev-site I’m building.

    With variations created no “add to cart” is available.

    Site is:

    Been scratching my head for a few days now, any indication on what the issue is would be grately appreciated.


    Roger has the answer.

    Take the JS from the file add-to-cart-variation.js and find the line with:
    all_variations = window[“product_variations_” + product_id];
    and move it to the top of the 3 similar items in that section.

    Then take everything from add-to-cart-variation.js and paste it into add-to-cart-variation.min.js.

    The only problem is, auto-updates from WooCommerce break it again, and you need to go back and change the order of the variations and overwrite the .min file.

    A temporary solution until a more permanent solution arises.

    Roy Ho


    A work around should not be needed as it works fine out of the box. Trans4: are you sure you’re running the latest version of your theme?

    My bad, I thought I had replied with a yes 🙂 .

    hey friends

    i am experiencing the same issue as some of you were: the add to cart button is missing when i have variations to my products but works fine if there are no variations. i am slightly new to wordpress so there was one major issue that is preventing me from fixing this problem:

    thanks to mikelastphoto, i think i understand what i must do but thanks to my lack of experience i am unsure as to where i might find “line 128” i guess it is
    all_variations = window[“product_variations_” + product_id];
    to make the appropriate edits

    i tried searching in the edit section of my woocommerce plugin but i gave up after several unsuccessful attempts.

    could someone please give me a detailed description of a means to finding this? then i will also able to launch my site.

    Roy Ho


    Trans4: if you go to the demo page of your theme, you can see it works fine. Hence I asked if you were sure you’re using the latest build of your theme. Have you tried contacting them?

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