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  • Hello,

    I am using 3.5.1 wordpress and 1.6.6 woocommerce and now i had to add new products that required configurable product, i used varible product feature, i set up atributtes, i did all the steps but when i am previewing the product, i can’t select another attribute nsted default one, and the add to cart button is not shown, i need to set up those new products, please help me, thanks.

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  • Having the same issue, discovered it was something to do with my theme because it works fine with a default theme. Not sure how to fix it though.

    Can someone help with it please? thank you!

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Kind of hard to help here without a log in or anything.

    Have a thorough read of this doc to make 100% certain you’re adding your variable products correctly.

    Thank you for your answer, i am affraid that each step is followed correct, i repeated the process many times in raw…and nothing…

    I too have made sure everything is set in place, there’s still some kind of error that seems to be popular but I haven’t found the cure yet

    Any suggestions? it seems that i am not the only one with this issue, help us please, tks

    We need to see the product pages and how you have setup your variations. please post screenshots of how your variations are setup inside the admin and a link to your frontend product page too.

    problem solved partially, i figured out that on private post the selection isn’t working at all, if i change the post to public the add to cart button is shown after i made a selection

    but the problem is still remains, after i’m going public with the post and select an atribute whihch is the other price than default one “from 10 eur” for example…the price isn’t actualised (each attribute defined has a price and a stock number in variations tab)

    i can mention that some of fields are missing from general tab such as Price (but i’ve changed in variations ) and SKU, i don’t how can affect this, but the actual problem is that the price it isn’t modifying after i am selecting a variation with a different price, can you help me with this please?

    Hello again,

    SKU tab added from settings of woocommerce, price is disappear when i am selecting variable product which is normal, but the problem still remains, i have 3 variations with different prices and when i am selecting a expensive product the price is not updated…remains the same, I am uploading some screens with it, i hope i can go live with the new products, thank you in advance
    ( i am kinda new to this forum don’t see hoe i upload the picture, so i made some and uploaded to imgur

    I have to add that i’ve tried in the meanwhile to give a unique SKU to each variation and the price is still not updateing, i am missing something? ot it is a bug? thank you!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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