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  • Hi folks!

    Been building a site this week using WP and woocommerce. Never built one before but i’m not a COMPLETE noob when it comes to the ol’ computer.

    SO, built my shop, added some simple products in different categories, all fine.

    Part of my shop is a rental business with flexible options e.g. Camera A for 5 days with a tripod. So, i added my attributes, made a new product, added atts then linked all variations, populated every price box (by hand AND by the bulk edit function)

    And there is no add to cart button?

    Searched on google which brought me here. Followed numerous threads. Added some script to the functions.php file. Locked my self out of my site but managed to ftp back in and delete the incorrect text!

    Added the correct script to functions.php (i beleive it directed where to find the addtocart variation js file?

    Checked to make sure that the js files were where they should be in the themes plugins folder? Yep all good.

    ANY and all help is very very very much appreciated. Spent 14 hours trying to resolve this without asking anyone i can’t afford any more time on it lol.

    ALSO worth noting, tried 5 different themes and the add to cart appears with one of them, WooShop Lite.

    Could it be that when i initially installed wooshop lite that even though i changed to a different theme (twentyeleven just while i got the basics figured) that some of the code has remained and thats why it only works with that theme?

    Sorry if i have rambled, also i have my site as offline because i have some logos on there which i dont have permission for yet! so i can’t send you the link, screen shots are fine though 🙂


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