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  • Hey there,
    I just installed this plugin and I think it’s great! There’s just one little problem. If I’m pressing the “Add to Cart” – Button I’m getting a completely blank page 🙁 It still adds the products to the cart but to see it i have to load the main page of the store again. The same problem is with the “remove from cart”- Button. I didn’t find an answer on google so I’m hoping you can help me 🙂

    Sry if i made some grammatical mistakes,
    greetings from Austria

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  • This may have something to do with another wordpress plugin not allowing the store to create the ‘session’ data that it needs. Please see this article and see if it helps at all:–no-products-added-to-shopping-cart

    thank you very much! Helped a lot !

    I fixed it. Cart works!
    I am so happy because months of frustration, i just finish it by myself. I am so rukie in this but fixed it. My cart page was not redirect because I delete the cart page and made new cart page. I upgrade then downgrade I try all support forum.
    Nothing helps!
    I finally wrote to the plugin author, still no respond been weeks now!
    Then I decided to delete Woocommerce. No choice!
    I only delete all the cart, checkout pages but not the product pages.
    When i delete Woocommerce i noticed on my homepage I have 3 menu home ,cart and blog.
    Bingo that was the cart was bothering me bcoz it was not Woocommerce those 3 pages I made that’s y it was still there!
    I reinstalled the same plugin and I have all my product pages were saved in there.
    When I add that product in the cart.
    My cart worked!
    I just missed few setting sales tax and new page which I know how to setup again.
    Please do this step when you have no choice or solution left!
    Mine works so I thought I should share.
    🙂 romy

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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